Starting a business ?

An ideal that many would like to achieve! indeed the idea of being at last your own boss is a dream. But, setting up a business in Cameroon… A puzzle for some? What are the different creative possibilities available to you? These questions are among others probably those that are made by any project leader in search of a solution in Cameroon. 237management immediately gives you an overview of the steps to be taken and offers you personalized and professional assistance in this area.

What type of company to create ?

  • An establishment ?
  • A limited company ?
  • A Limited Liability Company ?
  • A Simplified Joint Stock Company?
  • A General Partnership?
  • Or a Limited Partnership?

How do i create one ?

Dembou Cameroun offers to create your company for you. We take care of all the steps with the competent authorities in order to accompany you in the formalization of your company. We can also create a professional bank account in a first class bank present throughout the national territory.

How does it work?

Contact and form

Contact us or send your request via a form


Submit your prerequisite documents required for creation

Additionnal Services

Additional services such as opening a bank account …

Registration and creation

Steps and creation of your company by us

Return of Corporate documents

Receive your start up documents in complete confidentiality

Rates for settings up a company in Cameroon

The creation rates differ according to the type of company. Ranging from 91,500 F CFA for establishments to 199,675 F CFA for Limited Liability Companies (LLC), these fees include all costs incurred in the creation process:

  • The costs of file opening
  • The registration fees at the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register
  • The costs of publication in the Cameroonian newspaper of legal announcements
  • Stamp fees for the legalization of statutes
  • Other miscellaneous expenses
  • Bank account opening fee (free)

What about you ?

Are you thinking of starting your own business ?

Would you like support and assistance ?


237management offers you assistance, advice, handling and follow-up of your creation file throughout the process.